Who We Are

Who We Are

A Few Details About Who We Are

If you are a reader of our blog, we would like to pledge to you our commitment to providing you the best information that two green horns can offer. As the name implies we are not by any means academic experts in anything. We are just two people that have tried many things with some successes and some failures, but always have learned from our mistakes. We are also self-proclaimed conservationists. We like that word as we are not environmental activists, but we do our best to live with balance between progress and nature. We have a spiritual connection to land and hold that as a sacred trust to live within our means and be good stewards to the earth.

Team Members

Debra Raiche
Herbalist, Foodie, Photographer, Writer
Marty Aldinger
Conservationist, Preservationist, Writer

Marty worked in the computer industry and I, Debra in the beauty industry. After traveling and spending too much time apart, we decided to simplify life and started to grow and sell herbs. In the beginning we started a small company called Maple River Herb Gardens where we grew mostly culinary herbs to be sold at the local restaurants and farmers market. We enjoyed the direct selling to our customers and soon evolved the business into a retail store that we called Sweet Cicely named after a native herb that grows in Minnesota and is used as an artificial sweetener. We loved the name, but people still think we sell Italian sweets even though the Italian word is spelled Sicily.

Our love for herbs, natural health and nutrition, has been a constant passion in our lives. We thoroughly enjoy the wonder that these plants can do for your health and well being and enjoy helping people solve some of their cooking or health issues naturally.

We started this blog because we have always had a desire to share our passion with others. We love art, fine-food, and quality possessions and enjoy all the bounty of what the world and the land has to offer. Recently we purchase a few acres of woodland so we could grow and wild craft medicinal and culinary herbs. We periodically take people to the property and teach them how to identify wild plants that can be used for food and medicine.

We are also surrounded by a consortium of interesting people all whom have great things to offer. We will be writing most of the articles, but we are not limiting this blog to our opinion only, but opening it up to any of our acquaintances that want to make their contribution to the objectives of this blog. Some blog posts may be controversial to some, but we are not concerned about being politically correct, but rather we want people to think about their life and habits differently. We surely don’t want you to take whatever we write as a religion, but we expect, and would be disappointed if you didn’t question everything for yourself. What we write is our opinion and is not endorsed or approved by any organization or individual even though we try to practice everything we write about.

We desire that you find our writing enjoyable and perhaps you will put some information into practice as true learning is not a spectator sport.