Reggae Fest in Wisconsin

Reggae Fest in Wisconsin

Every year in Trempealeau Wisconsin a little Caribbean is experienced through Reggae Fest. Yes Reggie music in May in Wisconsin! Typically Wisconsin is known for dairy farms and cheese factories, but once a year the little community of Trempealeau Wisconsin hosts the annual Reggae Fest.

As Minnesota residents, we are held captive by snow, ice and cold for six months of the year. Most of us like to escape to some place warm for a few months in the winter just to get some sunshine and ample quantities of vitamin D. This getaway generally is somewhere in the Caribbean as it is close and relatively inexpensive. Whether you go to a coastal town in Mexico, the small country of Belize or some other Central American location the one constant element is generally Reggae music. I am not sure what came first, the Reggae music or the tourists looking for Reggae music, but you hear it in every tropical location.

Reggie Fest Audience

Attendees at Reggie Fest

So when you just begin to emerge from your winter cocoon, and you hear about Reggae Fest being held in a Wisconsin city, you just have to go. We have been going now for a few years and it is a refreshing respite from our steady diet of classic rock, country or whatever the local radio stations play. Yes I believe that Reggae music can lift the spirit a little and make you think you are in Jamaica or on some tropical island somewhere.

Reggie Fest Hat

Reggie Fest Spirit

Trempealeau is located on the Mississippi River so even though you are not looking out at blue ocean water you do get to see the muddy Mississippi from your reclining lawn chair. Not exactly the Caribbean, but a close second. This is an ideal location for such an event as they have several hotels and a campground for overnight stays as well as many restaurants and bars for entertainment and good food. We generally get a small cabin to stay in for the weekend that is part of a larger campground. The facilities are excellent and are a bit of a walk to the Trempealeau Hotel and the music Festival, but not unreasonable if you want to be safe. I would suggest this event to anyone as you will not be disappointed. So put on your best Bob Marley tie-died t-shirt and sport the flag colors of Jamaica as Reggae Fest is an excellent way to usher in spring after a long hard winter.

People at Reggie Fest

Crowd at Reggie Fest