Mullein Garlic Ear Oil

Mullein Garlic Ear Oil

Mullein Garlic Ear Oil is a great treatment for ear infections, congestion and inflammation. It loosens earwax, releases earache and swimmers ear. Mullein Garlic Ear Oil has also been helpful with tinnitus and vertigo. This is an essential in everyone’s arsenal of natural health products.

Making your own Ear Oil is really quite easy and very inexpensive. In this photo you will see I’m using mullein flowers and garlic when creating this product; however I also like to add calendula flowers and St. John’s Wort flowers buds to make even more potent oil for ear health.

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Mullein Garlic Ear oil

Using fresh herbs can be a little tricky when making Mullein Garlic Ear Oil, so when making it be sure to have all of your flowers and buds immersed in your organic olive oil immediately after harvesting to maintain freshness and potency. Making sure all of your flowers and buds are covered in oil will help assure that no spoiling occurs. If you don’t feel comfortable using fresh just replace them with dried. If using dried herbs be sure to buy organically grown and from a reputable company as chemicals fertilizers and insecticides defeat the value of these helpful plants.

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Mullein and Garlic Oil

When making your Mullein and garlic ear oil infusion you will find that this is not an exact science and each batch that you make will be totally different from the next. This variation comes from the growing conditions, harvesting conditions and how one might have dried there flowers and or plant material. Some very important things to remember when making your mullein garlic ear oil is to lightly warm your oil in a double boiler so as not to get your oil too hot. When using flowers you want to have your oil just slightly warmed as not to hurt the essential oils in the flowers. Infused oils are not the same as essential oils. Essential oils are a strong distillation of a flower that is put into an oil base. This process that we are doing is considered an infusion not a distillation process.

Certain people can be allergic to different herb plant groups so before using your first application of your infused oil, be sure to put a small amount of oil on your skin to see if you have a reaction. It is best to wait a few hours or best 24 hours before using it in your ear.

You will Need:
Mullein Flowers, fresh
Garlic clove, fresh
(Optional: Calendula Flowers; St. John’s Wort Flowers and buds)
Organic Olive Oil
One Glass Container with a tight lid (Canning jars work great)
Double Boiler or Stainless Steel Sauce pan
Cheese cloth or fine mesh cloth or screen
Stainless steel tool / knife or wooden utensil; to help push the flowers, buds and garlic down into the oil to make sure they are fully covered
Measuring cup or bowl with a spout
Wooden spoon
Bottle or Jar for Strained Mullein Garlic Ear Oil (Amber bottle with a dropper works great. The amber color helps to block the light out and helps to keep your ear oil longer)
2 capsules of Vitamin E oil or 1 teaspoon

Prepare your jar by making sure it is clean and dry. (If you are using a dried herb or flower there should be no moisture near it or this could cause it to spoil. Even though you may be using a fresh flower they need to be harvest early to mid-morning after the dew has dried from the flower petals to ensure that they have no moisture on them.)

Add your flowers, buds and garlic to your clear jar. Fill your jar with as much flowers and buds as you want along with 1 -2 garlic cloves, diced.

In your double boiler add your olive oil (as much as you feel will cover what you have in your jar) and slightly warm and pour over your flowers and garlic.

Cover your jar with tight sealing lid. Shake it a few times to make sure the flowers, buds and garlic are covered in oil. If you don’t have enough olive oil be sure to warm some more and add to your jar. Just make sure everything is immersed in the oil. Place in a dark cool place inside your home. Everyday try to shake the jar. It will be ready to use in 3 to 4 weeks.

Once the herbs have infused for the length time that is needed, strain your mixture through cheese cloth or strainer into a measuring cup or bowl. This will make it easier for you to pour it into your bottle. Give it a squeeze if you are using cheese cloth or use the back of a wooden spoon to get all of the oil out of the flowers, buds and garlic.

Pour your infused oil into your Amber Glass bottle

Add vitamin E oil (Vitamin E is a natural preservative. This will help to ensure your shelf life)

Label with a permanent marker (be sure to make a label that identifies your product as Mullein Garlic Ear Oil and date it so you know how fresh it is. It does have a long shelf life but be sure to check it every year to see that it hasn’t gone rancid on you. It is best to make fresh every year to ensure you have a great product on your shelf)

Store your Mullein Garlic Ear Oil in a dark cool cupboard. This will last up to a year.

Now you have a product that is made with LOVE!!! And you can tell all of your friends that you made it!

Benefits of:
Mullein: helps with impacted wax, astringent, expectorant
Garlic: antimicrobial, infection, anti-inflammatory, fungal, bacterial
Calendula: antiseptic, anti-inflammatory
St. John’s Wort: reduces pain

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Calendula Flower, Yellow

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St. Johns Wort Flowers