Making Your Own Thieves Oil Anti-Bacterial Spray

Making Your Own Thieves Oil Anti-Bacterial Spray

Thieves oil is a great natural anti-bacterial mixture of several essential oils. Once you have your Thieves oil mixed it is very easy to create your own anti-bacterial spray for use in the home.

You just need a few simple items and you will have everything you need to keep your family healthy. A Spray bottle and Witch Hazel can be purchase either on-line or through your local health food store and Thieves oil recipe can be found on the attached link.

Anti-Bacterial Spray Recipe:
8oz Glass bottle with sprayer
8 oz. Witch Hazel
10 -12 drops Thieves Oil
Mix all ingredients together and shake well.
Label your bottle and Date.
Shake before using.

As an anti-bacterial spray for shopping carts and car seats.
Spray on a cloth to wipe down your cell phone, computer keys, and TV remotes and counter tops.
Mist on your body and feet to protect you from germs during cold and flu season.
Spray on mattresses and pillow for bed bugs and even on your pet’s beds to help with smell and bugs.

There are many uses for this wonderful natural product that can be used in a variety of applications. Once you see how simple it is to make and how effective it can be in the prevention of diseases, you always keep a bottle on hand.