Grand Rapids Minnesota Farmers Market

Grand Rapids Minnesota Farmers Market

Wonderful locally grown produce can be found at the Grand Rapids Minnesota farmers market. Since we had a long holiday weekend we decided to extend our short vacation and visit a few or our favorite spots in northern Minnesota. Our objective was to take some photographs of some of the medicinal plant found in the north of the state when we happened to pass the Grand Rapids Farmers Market.

Bryndlewood produce

Bryndlewood at the Grand Rapids farmers market

There were many vendors there who had everything from locally grown produce to organically raised grass fed beef. As travelers, we only had our cooler along so keeping meat cold until we returned was something we were not willing to risk. We did find some wonderful produce and some uniquely Minnesotan products such as pure maple syrup made only four miles from the market. My favorite was the flavored lefse. There were many flavors available from cardamom to Chipotle. I have always wondered why this has never been done before since the Mexican tortilla shell has been popular for years and lefse is a uniquely Minnesotan thing originating from Norwegian immigrants. The lefse is basically a flour tortilla made with potatoes rather than flour. I just had to buy some.


Flavored Lefse at the Grand Rapids Minnesota farmers market

The purchase of lefse opened the door to making some great vegetarian travel food. So began the purchase of other great ingredients as well. Radishes, radicchio, cucumbers along with some homemade horseradish mustard were all we needed to complete our lunch.

Farm produce

Farm market produce at Grand Rapids Minnesota

The northern Minnesota growing season can be incredibly short so when this produce is available people come out in droves to get a taste of summer. The market was filled on a Friday morning with local people meandering among all the items for sale. Debra was impressed with the portable brick fired pizza oven at the market and the people cooking for those in attendance.

In most all communities, there are local farmers markets so when given the chance, do your best to support these markets. Be selective and think about what you are purchasing as some import items to sell rather than growing them. On our drive up I saw someone selling sweet corn and melons and I know that local growers would not have this produce for at least another month yet. So next time you are in Grand Rapids, Minnesota or where ever you find farmers markets, stop in and enjoy.

Log home wood fired pizza

Portable brick fired oven