Canon EOS 7D Camera Body

Canon EOS 7D Camera Body

We have been taking photographs for many years, but have found that the Canon EOS 7D is a wonderful digital camera. Now I know there are many cameras out there that will do a great job, some more expensive and some much cheaper, but if you want good control of your shots yet cannot afford the real expensive camera bodies, the Canon EOS 7D will do a great job.

I have had several digital cameras prior to this one, but this gives you great control of every picture you take. I seldom take it off the manual setting as I have learned what kind of depth of field I want to achieve in what kind of lighting situation.

The body is durable, but I would suggest getting a digital display protector as I have cracked that while camera digital display escaped any harm. I would also suggest only purchasing the body and not the packaged camera body with the lens. Most of the cameras that come with a lens have low quality of glass and for the most part do not produce the affects you wish. Do your homework and purchase the lens that is most appropriate for the type of shooting you do. Otherwise you always end up with lenses that are never used.  I will review the lens that I like separately so be sure to read about them as well.

As I am starting to do more video using the Canon EOS 7D, I am starting to find some limitation to the body. Granted not everyone will use the camera as a video camera, so this is no real criticism, but a heads-up if you plan on doing video. The camera body has no volume control for the microphone so you get what you get. I understand there are some bodies that do offer these features if you want them.

Overall, the Canon EOS 7D is a great camera and if you are blogging of doing any professional photography work, this camera will give you the control you are looking for.