Beat The Summer Cold With Anise Hyssop

Beat The Summer Cold With Anise Hyssop

Anise Hyssop is one of those herbs that you will know when you find it in nature. It has this wonderful licorice smell to it. Anise hyssop has a few other names such as Fragrant Giant Hyssop or in some nurseries it might be called Lavender Hyssop. Anise Hyssop tends to grow in open areas where it is sandy and well-drained. It also likes sunny dry fields and meadows. I recently found some wild Anise Hyssop growing along a field and I was able to photograph it. If you search in some of these open areas, you may also find it.

You can harvest the leaves and the flowers. Start harvesting Anise Hyssop when the plant just starts to flower as the essential oils in the flowers are at their peak. The leaves and flowers both can be taken at the same time. Use the upper part of this plant so you don’t hurt it for future growth. Some people like just the flowers and other like the leaves. I tend to like both. There are only a few contraindications for this herb. Be cautious and avoid use if you are pregnant.

The reason why I love this herb so much is that it is great if you have a tendency to be prone to summer colds; which typically happens in July or August (the dog days of summer) when it is hot and humid out. Anise hyssop is great for a summer cold and summer nausea. Typically, a summer cold can be reduced to a single day. Anise hyssop is great for any oppression in the chest which may have come from excess coughing or even a bloody cough. This plant can be very helpful for heat stroke in people who work outside or if you have any feeling of heaviness in the body such as from food poisoning or stomach flu.

It is best to make a tea or make a tincture from Anise Hyssop. Just take note this is another one of those herbs you will have to make yourself because there are no companies that are making Anise Hyssop products. Make a tincture or dry some of the leaves and flowers for tea.

Cup of Anise Hyssop Tea

Anise Hyssop cup of Tea for a summer cold #summercold #imalittlegreen #teahyssop

When drinking a cup of Anise Hyssop tea make sure to sip it slow as drinking it too fast can lead to some nausea. One cup should be enjoyed for hours by sipping it very slow. This herb is also helpful with stomach flu if drank slowly. Anise Hyssop is an herb that is even safe for children with these same symptoms.

Anise Hyssop is an anti-fungal which can be used locally and topically for things like athletes foot or even for vaginal yeast infections. It works well for oral thrush also.

If you have this plant in your garden or find it in the wild, you can pick a few leaves to chew on throughout the day to help you with that nasty summer cold that sometimes wants to just hang on. If you chew on the leaves, don’t swallow them, as they can be very drying and could cause you to chock. I prefer to make a nice cup of tea or make a tincture so you have it on hand throughout the year. I hope you find this plant as valuable as I do.

Anise Hyssop Tea

Anise Hyssop great for a summer cold