About Us

About Us

Thanks for visiting.

If you are reading this, you are reading the first of many articles written for the blog “Imalittlegreen.com”. We would like to thank you for your initial interest in our blog and we believe that you will find our future articles beneficially valuable to you.

We would encourage you to get to know us and read our “Who We Are” page. This will give you some background on who is actually writing the articles, our interests and direction.
We do want you to know what our objectives are for our blog. We loved the name “Imalittlegreen” as it was full of metaphors that all applied to us. The implication that we are a little green implies someone new and perhaps not totally matured. That would be us. It also implies a certain environmental aspect which we explain in more detail in the About Us page. Being a little Irish is part of our genetic background (both grandmothers were quite proud of Irish heritage) which also fits well with the name. Anyway, I think you will see how in many ways the name fits the concept of this blog.

We are not totally new to blogging, but have solicited some professional help with our web design, technical construction and marketing advice. We would like to thank the professionals at Tart Agency, Tiffany Draper and Teresa Holm for helping us get through the frustrating part of vision to execution. They thoroughly helped us traverse the labyrinth of WordPress development and we are indebted to them for their help.

You will find that we have a diverse background and varied interests all of which we will eventually write about as days go by. These interests run the gambit from our love of plants, gardening, healing herbs and cooking through the reuse and repurposing of old buildings. We do have a common thread of green running through virtually everything we write about. We have been in the business of helping people help themselves with natural health, healing and the use of medicinal herbs and plants for many years. Our love of healthy food is a very big part of our mission for ourselves and for others. You will definitely read more about this in many of our future articles.


Being green began early even though I am not sure where our love for recycling or repurposing came from. I can only speculate. Our parents, being very frugal, made use of most everything and as children were taught to make something out of what you could find, salvage or scavenge. We made our first money collecting soda bottles and aluminum cans and turning them in for reward. We would make frequent visits to the local landfill and bring home more then we took, all of which we repurposed or reused. We soon began refurbishing antiques, that people disposed of, for our own use and to sell. All of which were the beginnings of our green adventures.

Our first major project took place shortly after finishing college. We purchased a condemned building for $4500. To get low-cost materials we tore down an old railroad depot and recycled the wood for much of the project. After renovation was complete we turned the building into a woodworking and antique refinishing business with an apartment upstairs. Shortly after we purchased a hundred year old house and renovated it. Our recycling did not stop there. Two homes turned into rental units and a commercial building which now houses our retail store and the office of “Imalittlegreen.com”.

We are now in the process of taking down a log home dating from 1874 and reconstructing it in its’ new home. The renovation process will be documented in articles to come.

You can see that to us being green is not just about recycling cans and bottles, but entire buildings. It always seemed funny to us that the same people that encouraging recycling are the first to take a building down and haul truck loads to the landfill without a thought.

As this blog matures, you will see much more about the use of plant, medicinal herbs, healthy cooking and recycling and land stewardship as we see it. Are these topics always going to be perfectly green? Well that will depend on your perspective. We feel our love and passion for these topics are sincere and will give you the best possible information that we can. I believe that through sharing our mistakes and our success you will find many things of value. Take the information as best you can, but know that we are only human and are sharing our perspective as we see it. Stay a little green by signing up for our email notifications, Facebook, Twitter and don’t forget to pin what you like on Pinterest. Welcome again to “Imalittlegreen.com and enjoy what the future content of this blog.